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Welcome To Ravi Tawi Irrigation Complex:

Chief Engineer, RTIC-Jammu

Background - Ravi Tawi Canal.

Main Ravi Canal was started in the year 1975-76 and first phase was completed in the year 1981-82 . 2 Nos Lift Stations were constructed one at Lakhanpur (15 HT Pumps @17 cusecs each)to lift water about 200 Cusecs in the year 1984 from Kashmir Canal and Basantpur (5+1 VT Pumps @100 cusecs each) to lift water 500 cusecs in the year 1989 from River Ravi. A level crossing has been constructed at Ujh Barrage to supplement the water from Ujh River to Ravi Canal. The main canal has been constructed upto length of 78.5 Kms with distribution network of 493 Kms. with CCA of 50749 Ha in Districts of Kathua & Samba. J&K State is entitled to 0.69 MAF of water from river Ravi which includes 0.475 MAF for Ravi Canal network but at present only 0.21 MAF (Approximately) water is available for Ravi River. Efforts are being made for resumption of work on Shahpurkandi Dam on River Ravi by Punjab Govt. authorities so that complete allocation of water to J&K State is ensured.


A ------ Ravi Canal

Year of Start 1974-75
Design Discharge of Canal 1150 cuses
Total Length of Main Ravi Canal 88km
Length Completed 79 .5 Km
Total No. of Distributaries 20 no.'s
Total Length of Distributary 493 Km
Commissioning of Phase Ist 1981-82
Culturable Command Area (CCA) 79497 acres
Ultimate Potential 133200 acres


Background - Tawi Canal
Tawi Canal Project was taken up by State Government in late 60’s and completed/ commissioned in the year 1973. A pump house was constructed along the left side of river Tawi to lift about 300 cusecs of water from river Tawi . Six Nos. VT Pumps (5+1 stand by) have been installed each with a discharge of 60 cusecs at Tawi Pump House. The Main Tawi Canal 28.80 Kms from Bahu Fort area to Chak Salarian, Ramgarh with 11 Nos distributaries having a length of distribution system of 175 Km was constructed with CCA of 12880 Ha.


B ------ Tavi Canal

Year of Commissioning 1973
Design Discharge of Canal 300 cusecs
Total Length of Main Canal 28.80 Km
Total No. of Distributaries 11 no.'s
Total Length of Distributary 175 Km
No. of Pumps 5+1(Stand by)
Culturable Command Area (CCA) 33750 acres
Discharge of each pump 60 cusecs


C) Subsidiary Lift Scheme for Raya on Main Tawi Canal with discharge 36 cusecs and CCA 2760 Acres for Rabi only Pumps 5x7.2 Cusecs+ 1 stand by, scheme partially commissioned, extension work in progress under NABARD.


Status of Ravi Canal Irrigation System

1) In the interstate conference held at New Delhi on 29.01.1955 the J&K Govt. was allocated 0.65 MAF+0.04 MAF= 0.69 MAF share of Ravi water.

2) (Kathua , Kerian Gandial and Basantpur Canals are utilizing 0.215 MAF (470 Cusecs)

3) Balance share of 0.475 MAF (1150 Cusecs) was to be utilized through Ravi Canal.

4) DPR framed by Punjab for a multipurpose Thein Dam Project for utilization of Ravi Water and work started in October 1977.

5) The J&K Govt. also prepared a Project Report for the construction of Ravi Canal taking off from right bank River Ravi at down stream of Tail Race of Thein Dam (Ranjit Sagar Dam) Power House to utilize state share of Ravi water.

6) Ravi Canal constructed from Basantpur to Vijaypur Area, Main Canal 79.5 Kms Distribution network 493 Kms.

7) As an interim arrangement two Lift Stations were established at Lakhanpur & Basantpur to pump 200 cusecs from Kashmir Canal and 500 cusecs from Ravi River respectively and were commissioned during the years 1983-84 and 1998-99.